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Photography, Artwork and Events


Erie Balloon Festival 2015
Erie, Colorado
16 May 2015


Nature Photography
Winter 2013

Fundraiser for Month of Printmaking
Sue Canyon's Estate, Denver CO
03 Aug 2013

Print 528.0 Redline Gallery Opening Reception
Redline - 2350 Arapahoe St Denver, CO
01 Feb 2013


Truth Lies in the Details
Man and Nature
09 Jul 2012

Jon Lybrook : Nature Photography
San Juan Island
08 Jul 2012


Yosemite and Japan Series
Japan and Yosemite National Park


Polymer Photogravures
Etched using modern polymer plates, these intaglio prints are handmade using traditional, archival materials.


Intaglio Photogravure Prints from Luminograms
These hand-printed variable editions are made by applying multicolored oil-based inks and blending them directly onto the plate. The plate is then printed onto art paper from an intaglio press.

Inkjet Chemigrams
These prints are created by painting on film with photochemicals to create forms, which are then scanned and printed commercially with little, if any, digital color enhancements.

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