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Artist Statement & Resume

Jon Lybrook
Hand-Printed, Contemporary Fine Art
PO Box 19785
Boulder CO 80308-2785



August 2015 - Awagami Mini Print International Juried Competition (2 honorable mentions) - Tokushima, Japan
March 2015 - Photo Etching show in support of Month of Photography - Open Press - Denver, CO
March 2014 - Group Printmaking show at Wazee Union - Denver, CO
October 2013 - Visiting Artist - Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design - Denver, CO
February 2013 - Group Juried Exhibition "Print 528.0 Denver" - Redline, Denver, CO
Aug - Sept 2012 - Solo Exhibition "Light and Matter" Hapa Sushi, 1117 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO
June 2012 "Creative Digital Photography" Group Show Boulder Digital Arts, Boulder, CO
March 2012 Group Show - "Elements of Photography" - Art Institute of Colorado - Denver, CO
March 2009 Visiting Artist - Printmaking Department, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
April 2007 Visiting Artist - Printmaking Department, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
July 2006 Juried Show - Downtown Boulder ArtFair, Boulder, CO
June 2006 Juried Show - Art Students League of Denver Summer Art Market, Denver, CO
May 2006 Invited Artist, "Butterflies and Dragonflies" - Open Press Gallery, Denver, CO
April 2006 Workshop Assistant, Polymer Photogravure with David Hoptman, Santa Reparata, Florence, Italy
October 2005 One Person Show, - National Center for Atmospheric Research Gallery, Boulder, CO
May 2005 Invited Artist, "Fish, Fish and More Fish", - Open Press Gallery, Denver, CO
May 2005 Exhibitor, Boulder Creek Festival, Boulder, CO
March 2005 Open Group Show, Black and White, - Core New Art Space Denver, Colorado
February 2005 Invited Artist, "Prints from the Sun", - Art Students League Denver, Colorado
January 2005 Open Group Show, WOW, - Core New Art Space Denver, Colorado
Sept 2004 One Person Show, Chemigrams, - Boulder Public Library, Boulder, Colorado
July 2003 Presenter, Alternative Photographic International Symposium, Santa Fe, NM
June 2002 Contributor, Ylem Journal, Stealing from Light, Berkley, CA
May 2002 Exhibitor, Boulder Creek Festival, Boulder, CO
Autumn 2001 KGNU Radio Program Guide: Featured Artist
July 2001 Presenter, Alternative Photographic International Symposium, Santa Fe, NM
June 1999-2001 Untitled Center of the Arts, Taos, NM
May 2001 Open Studio Show with Eve Margo Withrow, Cheyenne, WY
November 1999 12th Annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair, Longmont, CO
November 1997 Geological Society of America Arts and Crafts Show, Boulder, CO
November 1996 Geological Society of America Arts and Crafts Show, Boulder, CO


Mr. Tony Levin - Bassist, Peter Gabriel - Kingston, NY
Prof. Stan Brakhage - Filmmaker - Boulder, CO
Prof. Clinton Cline - Master Printmaker - Boulder, CO
Dr. Neil Kabrun - Microbiologist - Lafayette, CO
Mr. Gregg Stogel - Film Producer - Prague, Czech Republic
Mrs. June Forstrom - Grants Administrator (retired) - Boulder, CO
Mr. Berthold Klas, Medical Technology Executive - Albuquerque, NM
Mr. Will Witman, Multimedia Programmer - Niwot, CO
Mr. Lawrence Turner, Translator & Teacher - Kurume, Japan


1989 - B.A. in Liberal Arts, Bard College


June 2002 Contributor, Ylem Journal, Stealing from Light

More about Jon Lybrook

Technical Description and Artist Statement:

Last updated: Thur Apr 14 8:39:26 MDT 2015

Technical Statement:

As both a technically inclined photographer and abstract painter I turned to photogravure printmaking as a means to explore more deeply the true nature of light and how effectively it can be represented in traditional print-form.

My artwork combines painting, darkroom techniques, and traditional printmaking. It begins by deliberately creating somewhat random, organic patterns on photographic film. The images are composed and nurtured through a controlled process of delivering concentrated photochemicals directly to film emulsion, allowing chaotically derived patterns to occur. The images are brought forth, isolated, then fixed on the film as luminograms. They are then transferred to digital format and then either printed as inkjet prints, or transferred to a polymer photogravure plate where they are hand-inked and printed in the traditional manner, on an intaglio press.

Artist's Statement:

Light, like all forms of energy can make things grow and it can destroy. I am curious about its ever-changing nature, and how it affects creatures and objects in both the immediate and over time. It surrounds us and supports us in our search for peace and happiness.

Our awareness of light is enhanced by heat, wind, color, translucency, form, depth, intensity and motion. Like the air we breathe, without light, all life as we know it would die. An appreciation of its power and subtleties is therefore essential to experiencing the true potential beauty of the objects it illuminates.

This exploration of light is partly in pursuit of giving shape and form to natural images that come out of my subconscious. It is about getting back to the universal, visceral, primal imagery that has influenced us since the dawn of time and understanding it. It is about fleshing out the things we may see in the dark, when there is no light or self-awareness, represented by pure mental projections onto the eyelids and/or onto the consciousness of the observer. It is about getting a glimpse into my own subconscious.

In some cases it represents the connection between the intense feeling and dream imagery that comes just as we are falling to sleep -- then perhaps awakening again briefly to realize we are not yet fully dreaming.

We live in a continuum of time, and art is a snapshot of a moment in that continuum. Like dreams and language, not all of my pieces are so easily interpreted. Not surprisingly, suspending judgement is therefore critical to gaining awareness. Like the seconds after awakening from a long sleep, when we are straddling the realms between being fully aware of the external world and still strongly connected to our subconscious experience. My work is an effort to help reflect more of my subconscious ideas into my conscious mind so as to help maintain balance and joy.

- Jon Lybrook

Jon Lybrook, self-portrait, 2007
Jon Lybrook, self-portrait, 2007

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